How to Print on CoachMe Web

The CoachMe Platform allows up to 20 plays to be printed to a PDF file, at once, from the web app.

To print, let's do the following:
  1. Log in to the web app using your CoachMe Network credentials. Do not have a CoachMe Network account, create it now.
  2. Go to playbooks and click to open the desired playbook.
  3. Select the desired plays needed for printing
  4. Click Print. 
  5. Select the desired options in the print menu. The print options allow the ability to add your saved notes, change print orientation and toggle between color print or b/w.
  6. Click Print. The save menu will appear to choose where you would like your PDF file to be saved.
  7. Utilize a PDF reader to open and print the plays to your printer.
As a quick note, we recommend that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, which are optimized for the CoachMe Platform, to print to file.

Need help moving your plays on your mobile device to the CoachMe Network. Click here.

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