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My Locker

MyLocker provides the personal relationship amongst players and coaches. This feature enables the coach and/or player to visit another team members locker and ask productive and collaborative questions.

How To Summary:

Each individual in your organization has their own custom “Locker”.  This is where someone can go and post a comment directed towards the individual.  To access specific Lockers follow these simple steps:

To access another members locker

  • From the LockerRoom simply select their avatar from the sideline box located on the right of the LockerRoom.

To access your own locker

  • From the LockerRoom select “My Locker” from the main toolbar or select it from the drop down menu in the top right corner next to your name

To create posts and comments

  • Click in the “Create a new post here” field and write your new post, or click in the “Write down your comment” field to comment on a current post. Click “Post” or “Comment” to added your text to the MyLocker board.

**** To delete your post/comment select the trash can icon located on the right of the post/comment ****

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