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Roster Management

Roster Management allows you control of who has access to your teams’ web portal. You can invite players and coaches and other staff members. It allows you to assign different roles (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Player, Staff Member, Team Admin) to each member. Take full control of who is entering into your LockerRoom and viewing content.

How To Summary:

To invite new members into your organization and/or to manage your current members follow these simple steps (Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Admins roles have the ability to edit the roster):

To add new members

Select “View Roster” from inside your LockerRoom located just above the sideline on the right side of the page.

Once on the roster page, you can invite new members into your organization by selecting “New Member”. A pop-up window will appear and prompt you to enter "Member Type" and "Member Email".

You can input multiple email addresses by hitting enter after you input the first one. 

To edit current members

To change the name or role of a current member, select the pencil icon located next to their name.

To delete a member simply select the trash can icon listed next to their name.

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