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Direct Message

Create a message to send directly to a specific member of your organization, or a select group of individuals. The direct message is only available to the individuals included into the thread to provide a secure environment to interact.

How To Summary:

You can have a private conversation with an individual or a group in your organization.  To begin the correspondence, follow these simple steps:

Sending a message

  • Go to “Messages” from the main toolbar in your LockerRoom or use the drop down menu in the top right corner next to your name.

  • Once in your messages page select “New Message”.

  • The choice is yours to send the message to a specific person, group, or the entire team.

  • To send a message to a specific member, start typing their name into the “Message To” box and you will see the members name pop up.

  • To send a message to a group of people you can either select one of the preset group boxes on the top, or type each persons name into the “Message To” box.   

  • Then write your message in the “Conversation” box and select send when you are finished.

  • You can also attach files by selecting the button “Choose File” and attaching your desired file.

Responding to a message

  • When you receive a message, a notification will pop up in your inbox.

  • Your most recent message will be displayed in your message window, to read a new message click on the message from the inbox.

  • If you want to respond. Simply select the “Write down your reply” box and insert your response.

  • Click “Send” and your response will be sent.

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