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Text Message

CoachMe® Message gives you the option to send your messages to coaches and players as a text message to their cell phones. It will also show up in their messages in the web portal. Now you can notify your team immediately for time sensitive matters.

How To Summary:

You can choose to send your message via text to an individual, group or the entire team.  To begin, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to “Messages” from the main toolbar in your LockerRoom or use the drop down menu in the top right corner next to your name.

  • Once in your messages page select “New Message”.

  • The choice is yours to send the message to a specific person, group, or the entire team.

  • To send a message to a specific member, start typing their name into the “Message To” box and you will see the members name pop up.

  • To send a message to a group of people you can either select one of the preset group boxes on the top, or type each members name into the “Message To” box.   

  • Then write your message in the “Conversation” box.

  • There is a box labeled “Send as Text Message” make sure you select this then click send.

  • Your message will be sent to the recipient's mobile device as well as their inbox.

  • You can also attach files by selecting the button “Choose File” and attaching the desired file.

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