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Player Toolbar

The player toolbar gives you multiple player/formation options to choose from so you can customize your formations to fit your offensive or defensive system. You can also choose to set your own custom presets for future use to help save time when starting a new play.   

How To Summary:

To use the player toolbar follow these simple steps:

  • To create a play go to “PlayBooks” in the main toolbar, or select “PlayBooks” from the drop down menu in the top right corner next to your name.

  • You will find your player toolbar in the bottom right corner.

  • You can select “Offense”, “Defense”, or “Presets” to get started.  

  • Once you open the selected tap, you will see a list of options across the bottom of the screen.

  • If the player of your choice is not there, tap the scroll arrow located at the end of the list to see more options.

****In a future release: Under the presets tab, you will be able to set your own preset formations so you can populate your favorite formations with just one simple click of the mouse.****

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