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Drawing Tools

The drawing tools allows you to show different types of routes to identify if a player is running, blocking, going in motion, dropping into a zone, or executing a pass route.  Secondary routes from the first route are also available (after motion, screen blocking, stop & go, etc.)

How To Summary:

To use the drawing tools follow these simple steps:

  • To create a play go to “PlayBooks” in the main toolbar, or select “PlayBooks” from the drop down menu in the top right corner next to your name.

  • Once your formations are set, select your drawing tool in the bottom left of the screen.

  • When you select one of the drawing tools it will remain selected while you draw until you deselect it or click on another function.

  • To draw the selected route on a player, simply click on the player and hold down while you draw your desired route.

You will see that there are five buttons to choose from. Included in these buttons are two motion routes (dashed and squiggly lines) in which the player will move pre-snap during animation, at the end of these routes you can select a regular route to show what the player does after the motion.  You can also use this secondary routes from the tip of the first route on regular routes to show combo blocks, screen blocks, or stock and go routes.  The “Zone” button is designed for the defensive players to show a zone bubble that they are responsible for.  

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