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Delete Options

The trashcan provides you several delete options to erase routes and players from either side of the ball without erasing the entire play. You can also right click on a player for specific player delete options.

How To Summary:

We understand that most coaches don’t draw a perfect play on their first attempt.  That is why we have included several delete options to help you make that play look exactly like you want it to.  Here are some simple steps to follow when deleting:

  • The first option is to simply draw the route over again from the player and it will automatically erase the old route. You can also click once on the player and the old route will disappear.  

  • The second option is to right click on a specific player, this will bring up a window with “delete route” and “delete player” options.

  • The last option is to select the trash can on the bottom of the screen.  Once you click the trash can, a list of options will appear to choose from.  You can delete all the routes or players from either the offense, defense or both.  

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