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"Save Play As" & "New Play"

The "Save Play As" and "New Play" features are great for building your PlayBook.  Clone a previous play rather then building a whole new play from scratch, or jump right into a new play for the current PlayBook you are creating.

How To Summary: 

Save Play As Feature

  • Once you have a play drawn on the chalkboard, you can clone this play by clicking on the "Save Play As" located in the top left of the chalkboard
  • When you click the "Save Play As" a pop up window will come up and ask you which PlayBook to save the play to, and what the new play name is.  
  • Once you have selected the PlayBook and entered the play name, click on the save button
  • The play will then show up on the chalkboard, with it's new PlayBook and name displayed on the top.  Change the routes to your new play, and it will automatically save the new play under that PlayBook and name

New Play Feature
  • To start a new play right from the chalkboard, click on "New Play" located in the top left of the chalkboard
  • Once you have clicked "New Play" the chalkboard will clear and new play will have been created in the same PlayBook you were working in.  The play will be given a defalut name that you can change from the PlayBook Manager

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